From Care Assistant to Qualified Nurse

Meet Charlotte Moore, a student nurse with Hartford Care, who has just graduated with a degree in nursing from the Open University and is about to start at Hartford Care’s Highfield Nursing Home as a Registered General Nurse (RGN).

Charlotte left school without any qualifications and after she had her daughter Ella, she applied to The Elms in Bembridge to become a care assistant. The hours she worked fitted in well with caring for her daughter.

While she was at The Elms, she successfully passed her NVQs and care certificate. However, she wanted to do more as she explains.

“The training manager there encouraged me to get into nursing, so I applied for training through a few different routes. However, the Open University was my best option because with it being a  part-time course over four years, I could carry on working at the same time.

“However, while you are taking this course, you have to be very self-motivated and keep a real strict diary of what you are doing.”

There was a little cohort of student nurses who were also studying with the Open University with whom Charlotte collaborated and then took her exams on the Isle of Wight.

“It was a long four years, but it was really worth it because I wanted to prove to myself and everybody that I can do it,” she says.

Her training also involved placements at the island’s  St Mary’s Hospital. However, her real love was working in nursing homes and her student nurse placements were at Highfield.

Charlotte continued working as an HCA at The Elms and as a student nurse at Highfield. “Then because of Covid, it was decided I could do my student nurse placements and HCA work here. As a result, I fell in love with Highfield, where I have got to know the staff and management really well.

“I have had amazing support from the management and had a mentor the whole way through my training. I really could not have done it without them.”

Charlotte’s hard work and dedication have finally paid off and she is looking forward to starting as a full-time RGN.

“Obviously, you get much more satisfaction being a nurse because you can make so many changes. I’ve really enjoyed being a big part of the residents’ families and communicating with them. They are so grateful and pleased with what you are doing and that makes me feel really happy,” Charlotte explains.

“My mind is so switched on through the whole day, which I really enjoy. I also love getting to know the ladies and gentlemen here. It is so satisfying for me to go the extra mile for them, whether it is through pain relief, getting them a different diagnosis, putting them in touch with their families. It is all about working in the moment and ensuring those moments are good ones so that they make a big difference to their lives.”

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