Finding My Dream Job

Harold Santiago, tells us about finding his dream job as Senior Care Assistant at Bethel House.

I joined Hartford Care in January 2017 as a Senior Care Assistant at Bethel House in Barton-on-Sea in Hampshire  and I am now training to be a Care Practitioner.

The only goal I wanted to achieve when I joined Hartford Care was to make a difference in enriching and improving our residents’ lives, and to create opportunities for them to live a fulfilling life.


I have completed Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Hartford Care has provided me with all the necessary training I needed to help me to be competent and confident and that includes external training opportunities to improve my knowledge and skills.


Aga Gierek-Tan and Repeka Taukei, Bethel’s former and current managers, shaped me to be the person I am today.  They have both been very supportive and mentored me.

Repeka has had the biggest impact on my career progression.  She knew how passionate I am about work and encouraged me to go further as she believed in me.  Another factor is our residents’ changing needs as I felt we could do more, we could be better, and we could adapt to meet their needs – even if it becomes complex.

Career rewards

I enjoy working for Hartford Care and I feel proud being able to share the same values of Care, Comfort and Companionship.  I love my job and it is a rewarding career.  If you are looking to progress your career, do not hesitate!  Hartford Care will support you all the way through and bring out the best in you.